Law Enforcement

Death investigation is a process that involves cooperation and sharing of information between many agencies. The Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner (IOSME) works with law enforcement agencies, including local police, sheriff’s offices, DCI, FBI, and many others. Agencies are welcomed and encouraged to attend autopsies as part of their investigation into a death. Officers needing to attend an autopsy should contact the IOSME as soon as possible for scheduling information.  

The date of an autopsy depends on many factors, including the complexity of a case, availability of staffing, and caseload.  Please inform family members to ask their funeral director to consult with the IOSME prior to planning services.  In addition, please do not communicate a date for autopsy until such as been confirmed with the IOSME.  

Request for Autopsy Forms
(please submit as early as possible)

NOTE:  When faxing requests, please fax one request per transmission.  Faxed copies come to us electronically in PDF format so we can place the PDF directly into the appropriate file in our database.

Directions to the IOSME

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